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Estimated Call Length - 45 Minutes
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What We'll Discuss
The objective of this call is to discover more about your career goals, and how we may be able to help you achieve them. To do this we'll develop a step-by-step "career roadmap" together on the call. Then -- and only if we both feel that it's a fit -- we'll tell you about our Elite Career Accelerator consulting program.
Please Note: If you're someone who is forever searching for the latest free advice or the next "quick hack" then it's unlikely that a career strategy call will be of value to you, and we advise against scheduling. This call is reserved for serious, experienced professionals who want a proven roadmap to get fast results. 

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Two interviews & two offers... in 9 days

Hired into a more senior role in a new field... after 1 phone call

Struggled to make a career shift for 6+ years... we did it in 5 weeks

Jason Klews

Back in early April I was furloughed from the company I worked at for 26 years. Most of my career has been customer service, and most recently export compliance. While I was off, I started applying for jobs after polishing up my resume and LinkedIn page. Found myself in a black hole for most of the jobs I applied for. Having applied your lessons, I was contacted by a recruiter for a company that was impressed with my experience. Today I accepted a job with that company, and gave notice to my previous employer

Saurabh Gupta

It'd been 8 months since I had lost my last position and been actively looking for a new opportunity, without luck. I had received 50+ rejections from various companies during this time. Your constant guidance and mentoring instilled in me the confidence to try with new vigor. I am elated to update that I landed an offer as Innovation Strategy Manager with a Research & Consulting firm, with slight increase over my last CTC as well.

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"It provided me a methodical platform.
It is based on scientific principle and will definitely get you results"

 - Naveed Mustafa

"This has helped me
understand my value proposition
and open doors"

- Brennie Conkle

"The step by step process, the modules
and converting everything into your value proposition has given me confidence" 

- Alok Kant

"I was considering going back to my home country. This was the best decision of my life!
Thank you for changing my life."

- Saiyyamee Surana

""This is it! This is the better way.
I feel more confident and like I have my power back"

- Maren Woodward

"I'm doing something new, and this is a great opportunity for me to do that,
with your techniques and different approach" 

- Pam Edwards

"It's been amazing and life-changing.
I had a moments hesitation before signing up, and have had no regrets"

- Sarah Vedolich

"It is possible.
There is a path to success here.
Internally, I feel really confident"

- Kaamil El-Rayess

"The process laid out to getting hired into your dream career is really easy to follow, execute and unparalleled"

Manav Bhatia

"I previously struggled with getting interviews,
and I'm learning how to navigate through the hidden job market"

- Robert Redmer

"Seeing members of the group
successfully get hired in their dream careers keeps me motivated"

- Evelina Jakubauskaite

"I found this program to be absolutely invaluable. I've learned a lot and feel a lot more confident." 

- Nathaniel Bellinger

"For the first time, I feel like I am in control of my career and what I can get - not leaving it to a recruiter"

- Bobbie Gjersvig

"I received immediate success.
Everything is laid out and all you have to do is put in the work"

- Hervin Singh

"I wish I had found something like this 20 years ago! This program has helped put me in charge of my career."

- Lisa Stearns

"This program gave me 
the tools and confidence
to find my dream job"

- Jenny Ware

"This is the place to be!
You will love it, as long as you are
willing to put in the work"

- Amy Jo Esser

"Finding my way through the hidden job market as opposed to the regular recruiting market has given me a new perspective"

- Conrado Morlan

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